MongoDB Interview Questions

MongoDB Interview Questions

  1. What is MongoDB ?
  2. What Is Nosql Database ?
  3. Why use Nosql?
  4. NoSQL Database Types ?
  5. Why use MongoDB? We have many Nosql Database?
  6. What is difference between Sql and Nosql?
  7. Is Nosql will replace RDBMS?
  8. MongoDB is which type of Nosql database?
  9. MongoDB Support Relationship ?
  10. What is different between MongoDB and Sql server ?
  11. What makes Mongodb best?
  12. MongoDB Support Replication ?
  13. What is journaling in MongoDB ?
  14. What is 32 bit nuances?
  15. Can we use MongoDB for Cache Management also ?
  16. What is role of Profiler in MongoDB?
  17. What is a "namespace"?
  18. What is a covered query in MongoDB?
  19. What is Aggregation in MongoDB?
  20. What is Sharding in MongoDB?
  21. Why are MongoDB data files large in size?
  22. What is GridFS?
  23. MongoDB support null values ?
  24. How do I do transactions/locking?
  25. what is theMaster or primary?
  26. what is secondary or slave?
  27. How does sharding work with replication?
  28. Can I remove old files in the moveChunk directory?
  29. How can I see the connections used by mongos?
  30. What is Replication Factor ?
  31. What is dynamic Schema in MongoDB?
  32. What is BSON?
  33. How we can restore BSON file.
  34. How can we take backup of MongoDB database?
  35. What is Replication in MongoDB?
  36. What is the role of 8 analyzer in MongoDB?
  37. Name space (namespace) is what?
  38. If the user removes the object attribute, the attribute is deleted from the storage layer?
  39. Whether the use of safe backup log feature?
  40. Update operations immediately sync to disk?
  41. How to perform transactions / lock?
  42. Why do I so large data files?
  43. RevWith the backup and fault recovery need how long
  44. I must call getLastError to ensure that a write operation effect?
  45. How sharding and replication work together?
  46. How do I view Mongo is using the link?



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