Ionic Interview Questions

 Ionic Framework Interview Questions.

Beginner Level Questions
  1. What is Ionic Framework ?
  2. Why you prefer Ionic Framework for mobile application development ?
  3. What is difference between Ionic and other mobile application development framework like Jquery Mobile?
  4. What is benefit of Ionic Framework ?
  5. It is possible to make Responsive Mobile Application in Ionic Framework ?
  6. What is Hybrid mobile application development. ?
  7. Why you suggest Hybrid mobile application ? Why not Native Mobile application ?
  8. Why you suggest Ionic in Hybrid mobile application context ?
  9. Who developed Ionic Framework ?
  10. What is difference between Cordova and PhoneGap? Which one you suggest and Why ?
  11. Which IDE is good for Ionic mobile application development ?
  12. How you call API in Ionic Framework ?
  13. Ionic support which framework?
  14. What is role of AngularJs in Ionic Application ?
  15. It is possible to develop Ionic Application without AngularJs ?
  16. List of controls in Ionic Framework?
  17. How you get user's current location in ionic framework ?
  18. How many types of storage available in ionic framework ? 
  19. What is use of localStoage and sessionStorage in mobile application development ?
  20. How you can check internet is available or not in Ionic framework ?
  21. How can you customize Ionic Framework Popup ?
  22. What is Ionic Market ?
  23. What is Ionic Lab?


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