Azure Interview questions and answers


  1. What is cloud computing?
  2. What is Windows Azure Platform?
  3. What are the three main components of Windows Azure Platform?
  4. Which are three types of roles in Azure compute?
  5. What are the roles available in Windows Azure?
  6. what is web role in Windows Azure?
  7. What is service configuratino in Windows Azure ?
  8. What are the Service Model in Cloud Computing?
  9. what is worker role in Windows Azure?
  10. what is VM role in Windows Azure?
  11. Apart from.Net framework, Name other three language/framework that can be used to develop Windows Azure applications?
  12. What is Storage Emulator?
  13. What is Windows Azure compute emulator?
  14. What is  Compute Emulator?
  15. What do you mean by Windows Azure Fabric Controller?
  16. What problem does Windows Azure solve?
  17. How is billing and costing done in Windows Azure services?
  18. We are still not clear with the payment model it looks a bit confusing?
  19. What is Fabric?
  20. Where does our application run?
  21. What is a fabric controller?
  22. What are roles, web role and worker role?
  23. So is it that worker role cannot connect to external systems outside Azure?
  24. Is it that every web and worker role is hosted in their own virtual machines?
  25. How do the web role instance and worker role instance communicate with fabric?
  26. What are blobs, tables and Queues?
  27. So is SQL is the standard way to query blobs, tables and queues?
  28. Why was not SQL preferred?
  29. Why one more data storage when we already have SQL Server?
  30. How do web role and work role communicate with each other?
  31. What is a fault domain?
  32. What is cspack?
  33. What is the difference between Block Blob vs Page Blob?

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